Frequently asked questions


1."I consider my self lucky, other people are much worse off than me......Are my problems serious enough for therapy?""

No problems are too big or too small or too insignificant.  Therapy is also not only for serious issues. If you have any issues with yourself or your life therapy can help.

2."Is counselling completely confidential?" 

Yes, unless you are at risk of harming yourself or another. Or if you are involved in a child protection court order.

3. Will therapy help me?

Working as a counsellor is a privilege and I am proud to have seen clients undergo extraordinary personal change. I have experienced their growing self awareness and witnessed them change their lives by overcoming and transforming their experience. Sometimes this has been achieved through identifying patterns or through changing their perspective or simply through identifying coping strategies.

4. Realistically are most clients seeking therapy women?

Definitely not, I currently have both female and male clients.

5. How long will I need to come for?

This is a decision you can make as we go along. But ultimately it is your decision.

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